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What the Critics Say...

'Having appeared from nowhere to become one of the most in demand performers on the Glasgow music scene in the space of a year, Elaine Lennon’s debut album, released last January, was universally acclaimed. A winner of a Danny Kyle award at Celtic Connections and noted as an artist to watch by Nashville’s Songwriters’ Association, Lennon inhabits the world of confessional and moving singer songwriters, with folk comparing her to the likes of Dory Previn and Carly Simon.'  BLABBER 'N SMOKE

'Majestic. The songs stay with you for a long, long time after listening to the album' MAVERICK 


'On first hearing I was hooked immediately by both the quality of her music and her songwriting ability. Here is a lady who sings from the heart with real passion and who writes lyrics that you can both understand and associate with. One of my favourite female artistes is Beth Nielsen Chapman who writes about life with an extraordinary feeling and compassion, and Elaine Lennon does likewise. Some of the most powerful and passionate lyrics I have heard in a long time. The whole production is a delight from first track to the last. Fabulous musicianship, powerful and thought provoking lyrics, all brought together with vocals that will give your heart quite a few tugs.' FATEA MAGAZINE

'Despite only deciding to turn professional in 2018, Lennon has produced across-the-board plaudits for her self-titled album, from which the beguilingly beautiful 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' is taken. 'Next Friday Night' is a beautiful bittersweet love ballad that reflects her songwriting skills.' RnR MAGAZINE

'Sublime. Lennon recalls some of the classic singer songwriters from the past with echoes of Janis Ian, Dory Previn and even Nina Simone hovering around.’  AMERICANA UK

What her peers say...

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'This is a very impressive debut album from Elaine. The production and musicianship are wonderfully complementary to the songs and bring out the very best in Elaine's music and voice. Really Lovely Stuff’  BEN GLOVER​

'Elaine has mastered the knack of creating original beautifully crafted songs, branded with her own unique sound, while evoking the distinct sensation you have been listening to her music all of your life!' FINDLAY NAPIER

'Elaine Lennon's music and writing has a powerfully transporting, ethereal nature to it, immersing and lifting the listener with compelling storytelling and sincere truth-telling.' MICHAEL LOGEN

'Rich in colour and full of flavour, with one of those rare voices that just sounds effortless and organic.' DANNY SCHMIDT

'Incredible. There's an ease about her comes from the heart...both strong and fragile. It's real emotive story-telling. I really like it.' HORSE


'Elaine has fostered a sense of community and inclusivity in the Scottish songwriting scene and the live shows are a reflection of that.' YVONNE LYON

'The subject matter is common but you found a new way of saying it. It’s very difficult to do what you did and make it sound effortless...unique, beautiful language' NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL

'A great song-writer. The Homebird Sessions are just beautiful. Elaine has such an infectious personality - the positivity is just glowing from her! She is a great interviewer - really enjoyable - she’s just lovely! I could listen to that Glaswegian accent all day!" EVE BLAIR, BBC RADIO ULSTER


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The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville

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