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'Little Bird Little Sailor, Time to See of What you are Made...'


How can I learn how to write better songs and develop my craft?
How do I get my music heard online?
What is PRS and how do I get paid for releasing my music?
How can I learn to perform better live?
Do I need to submit a Self Assessment? 
Who can help me set up as a self-releasing artist?

Elaine can help though her informative workshops, 1:1 Mentoring & Artist Toolkits which gives essential advice on areas from songwriting craft through to self-releasing business start-up help.

Lennon offers tailored workshops and 1:1 online coaching and mentoring to aspiring singer songwriters who want to either develop and build on their songwriting craft or need that helping hand to navigate launching their music careers.


In the Songwriting Craft sessions Lennon takes you through the basics of songwriting and work with you on a particular song or can help you learn the skills of self-critiquing your work and the art of re-writing and editing!

Where appropriate Lennon can also help you with creating your demos and using her photography and marketing skills can even help with professional headshots, branding and social media decks!

It's up to you what you want to get out of these sessions!

'But how do I get my music out there?....what all this about PRS? What do you mean I have to submit a self assessment to HMRC?'

In the Music Business Start-up sessions Lennon takes you through a summary of the lessons she has learned since 2018 when she first entered the world of music, and how they helped her become, in a relatively short space of time, an award-winning touring singer-songwriter, TEDx Speaker and Creator and Host of The Homebird Sessions.

She will impart a round-up of the knowledge and experience she gained in setting herself up as an independent self-releasing artist and all that entails, from writing & co-writing, recording, and self-releasing her music, to working with a Producer and other musicians, PR agents and Promoters and booking her own live events.

She will share her tips on how to get your music played on radio, self-branding & marketing, merchandise, how to get paid for your music (PRS/MCPS/PPL/the MU), book-keeping, funding and setting yourself up as a sole trader or even your own label...

Elaine's workshops and 1:1s are welcoming and relaxed and will go at your individual pace. The 1:1 sessions allow you to delve deeper into each individual topic covered.

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Talking Songwriting Process with Jim Byrne

'If Elaine Lennon can't inspire you to work on your songwriting, no-one can. I interviewed Elaine for the Songwriting Magic course. In this excerpt Elaine talks about writing the song, Fear (Breakup Song). She reveals both the message of the song and her writing process: dispensing tips, techniques and insights - in a way few can express so clearly. 

Elaine's songwriting process isn't hindered by her busy family life, on the contrary it is crucial to adding that extra magic - that all great songs need. 

Elaine Lennon is a breath of fresh air for songwriters: I'm confident that you will learn something valuable from this video.'​


Founder & Director of SONGWRITING MAGIC AND CRAFT Online Songwriting Academy.

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