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'Little Bird Little Sailor, Time to See of What you are Made...'


Lennon offers 1:1 coaching and mentoring, either on-line or in-person, to aspiring and semi-professional singer songwriters who want to develop and build on their songwriting craft or need that helping hand to navigate launching their music careers.

The next workshop Elaine will cover will be in conjunction with her performance at Celtic Connections 2023.

January 2023 Workshop CONTENT

Elaine will take the group through a summary of the lessons she has learned since 2018 when she first entered the world of music, and how they helped her become, in a relatively short space of time, an award-winning touring singer-songwriter, TEDx Speaker and Creator and Host of The Homebird Sessions.

She will impart a round up of the knowledge and experience she gained in setting herself up as an independent self-releasing artist and all that entails, from writing & co-writing, recording, and self-releasing her music, to working with a Producer and other musicians, PR agents and Promoters and booking her own live events.

She will share her tips on how to get your music played on radio, self-branding & marketing, merchandise, how to get paid for your music (PRS/MCPS/PPL/the MU), book-keeping, funding and setting yourself up as a sole trader or even your own label...

Elaine's workshops are welcoming and relaxed just like the 1:1 sessions she also offers that delve deeper into each individual topic covered.

January 2023 Workshop DETAILS

We are currently awaiting confirmation on dates and times for this workshop.

Please state your interest and get your name on the list by contacting info@elainelennon with header reference: 'Songwriter Workshop Celtic Connections 2023'

In the body of the email please state your current level and experience as a songwriter and any areas in particular you would like this beginners to the music business workshop to cover.

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