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Schools & Organisations

Schools & Organisations


Packages for Nurseries, P1 Starters & P7 Leavers Available!

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Private Shoots
More about Elaine Lennon Photographer

About Elaine Lennon Photography...

"I strive to capture those special little moments, personalities and feelings in each shot, whether in product photography, portrait, team shots or class photo shoots.

Everything I do is with heart, give you something to cherish that's a little bit special and different from the masses!"

In her small boutique Photography business in Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Elaine only takes on a few clients at a time so she can offer her schools, organisations & private clients a personal & tailored approach to each project, working on specialised packages and designer shoots to suit their individual needs.

Her own passion for photography started while working at Polaroid International Business Centre, learning from the pros within her role as Learning & Development Manager.

She has been building her private client base working on 'word of mouth' recommendations, however her Primary 7 Class of 2023 Leavers ‘out of the box’ designer photographic project as well as her local football team individual player cards and creative team shots showcased her wider talent and has lead to her inbox filling up with schools & sports teams inviting her to take their term / season shots this year.

Revolutionising the School Photo, her natural, warm & attentive nature and attention to detail has won over the hearts of many parents, particularly those with children and young adults with autism who's children were able to relax with Elaine and have their photos taken (some for the first time!).

The shots of Elaine herself which appear in this website have, more often than not, been taken by legendary photographer KRIS KESIAK who Elaine worked with when he created the artwork for her debut album.

Elaine's warmth, imagination and zest for all things creative has lead to her small boutique photography business being in great demand.


As she only takes on a small number of clients each year, please GET IN TOUCH soon if you'd like to work with Elaine on your own future project!



Caroline - Parent of twins in a recent Nursery shoot at a North Lanarkshire Primary School

"We have used Elaine to take photos of our property flips on a few occasions now and will continue to do so! Reliable and working quickly and professionally I know the images she created of the properties were pivotal in attracting viewers which helped us in turn achieve a fast sale! She is part of the team now!"

Director of LPS Ltd

"I was literally crying when I saw the photos, they are fabulous!

The children and their families are going to be delighted, you are an absolute perfectionist, you've taken so much time and care to capture their characters.

You have a gift for this!"

Head Teacher at a North Lanarkshire Primary School where 2023 School Photos were taken

"John hates getting his picture taken so I don’t have many “first day” or “last day” school photos.

This is my first real school photo of John and I cannot even begin to express the gift this is for me! 

You have a real talent and clearly have a gift for working with neurodivergent kids!

Thank you for giving us something to cherish forever!"

Parent of a 2023 Primary 7 child with neurodivergent condition

" It's not an easy task getting Ryan to look at a camera so to get the pictures you did was amazing."

Catherine - Parent of a Primary 7 child

"Elaine captured Aprilrose's  personality as well as providing a stunning collection of photos for us to choose from. Every single photo was amazing and unique. We would highly recommend Elaine and we would definitely use her services in the future."

Catriona - Parent of a Primary 2 pupil at a North Lanarkshire Primary School

“Honestly I’ve never seen photos like these and I just love them. I just can’t choose they show their personalities so so well and I just love them.”

“Thank you for the beautiful photos you captured. Our son has some communication delays so we don't get to hear about his experiences at nursery from him. However we can see from his face in the photos, how much fun he was having. We don't get many photos of our son making good eye contact so I won't lie there were some happy tears from my husband and I and the grandparents on seeing these pictures. Genuinely, thank you so much!”

Claire - Parent on the photos taken of her child in a recent Nursery shoot at a North Lanarkshire Primary School


Policies & Forms

Policies & Forms



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Find out more/book Elaine for your project:

Private photoshoots

  • Individual, family & pet shoots

  • Bespoke singer songwriter head-shots / social media ready image packages available!


Schools & Nurseries

  • Individual photos

  • Bespoke Nursery, full class and P7 leavers designer packages available


Team & Club photos

  • Individual player cards

  • Designer team photos

Ask about how I can help raise funds for your team/club too!

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Get in Touch
Consent Form

Photography & Video Consent Form

Please complete a separate form for each child included in any photo shoot.

In line with UK Government guidelines, Copyright of images remains with the creator Elaine Lennon Photography, however you can purchase the license of use for that image from Elaine Lennon Photography.


As per our Photography & Filming & Privacy Statement (found in the 'Policies and Files' section of this page) the photographs taken during this photo shoot will be held by Elaine Lennon Photography in a password protected photo library for up to 18 months.


Under the terms of The Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation, we need your permission to publish any photographs of you and /or your child.


Thanks for submitting!

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