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Songwriting Workshops
in Schools in Glasgow

Whether you are looking to integrate songwriting workshops into your school curriculum (& even write a song about how your school meets the Rights Respecting criteria of wellbeing, participation, relationships and self-esteem!)...or looking for a new way to introduce team building into your organisation, Lennon's enjoyable workshops can help you!

Lennon's latest PRIMARY SCHOOL PROJECT was to write a Christmas song with 40 children.
'Christmas Time' reached No. 5 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter Chart
& was performed at a live show in Cumbernauld Theatre with Horse McDonald!

'CHRISTMAS TIME captures the true magic and joy felt by little hearts and minds at this time of year with Lennon's own vocals nestled alongside heartwarming solos from 10 of the original 40 primary school children who Lennon wrote the song with as part of a 'STEM' education workshop.

Lennon recorded, produced and arranged the track which was then mixed and mastered at Chem19 Studios in Blantyre by Derek O'Neil (best known for working with King Creosote).


The children learned from the experience of Lennon recording their vocals in her home studio as she walked them through the software she uses and what their vocals look like in 'wav' form!

Lennon, who released the track on all digital platforms under her 'Little Sailor Records' label, involved the children in all elements of the process from writing to releasing and finally live performance at Cumbernauld Theatre as part of her 'THe Homebird Sessions' Show with special guest HORSE McDonald!

Matthew Carroll, who also performs on the track, is the 11- year-old artist behind the beautiful Christmas scene Lennon used to create the final artwork - he worked from a professional brief Lennon created for the project, taking feedback he received ed to reach the final edit! What a talent!

For these children this was a once in a lifetime experience allowing them to use their creative, organisational, communication, teamwork, artistic, business, marketing and performance skills with an outstanding result!


STEM Songwriting Workshop

'As part of Scottish Education’s ‘STEM’ week I was invited back to school to talk about songwriting with some special little ones! 

The kids (aged 5-8 years) were so enthusiastic!

We made a ‘band’ with drummers and backing singers...they even named it ‘The Dragonflies’ (cool name!).

Together we wrote and performed a song about their class topic KATY MORAG - they were all so engaged and involved!​

One little girl in was so inspired by the songwriting that she took it upon herself to go home that night and write her very first song about birds! WOW! I was so impressed by this 8-year-old’s effort that I asked her mum if could share her lyrics with you!

Well done Stella! Isn’t it amazing how giving up a little of your time to nurture the minds of kids can have such a ripple effect?​

I have so much admiration for all those teachers who have chosen to inspire little minds every day.'


Session with Primary 4 children at a North Lanarkshire School.

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