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"The Homebird Sessions are just beautiful. Elaine has such an infectious personality - the positivity is just glowing from her! She is a great interviewer - really enjoyable - she’s just lovely! I could listen to that Glaswegian accent all day!" - EVE BLAIR - BBC Radio ULSTER

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I love hosting, shining a light on other people or topics, sharing and learning with you and bringing out the best in folks.

I believe that we ourselves rise by lifting others up!

The Sessions were a Facebook Live Series I started in 2020 during Lockdown to provide a place for music lovers to come each week for a 'musical hug' - somewhere they could feel part of an on-line community, hear some songs and listen to the stories behind them. From Winter 2021 they will be filmed live in front of a studio audience at Cumbernauld Theatre, then streamed for all to enjoy.

To purchase a ticket to be part of the audience, please keep an eye on Socials.


With three series under it's belt, The HOMEBIRD COMMUNTY has grown while managing to maintain that warm 'feel-good' factor. The HOMEBIRD SESSIONS FACEBOOK PAGE, where the Community met after the live shows to participate in a live Q&A with the artists, is still active and you can join today to watch back some of the previous videos!



While Series 1 was all about the stories behind my own songs, in Series 2 & 3 I delve into the stories behind some of my fellow Songwriter buddies and offer a mix of music and informal chat - just like you were there in the front room with us!

I was blessed to have some superb Singer Songwriters  join me including Mike Mckenzie, Boo Hewerdine, David Latto, Adriana Spina, Yvonne Lyon, David Starr, James Edwyn, Simon James and Jesse Terry..