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A must for music fans and writers everywhere - relaxed, warming and welcoming


Lennon has created a wonderful format for sharing songs and how they come into being. I was flattered to be asked to take part in such an enjoyable and original show. Brilliant!


The Show

Elaine has fostered a sense of community and inclusivity in the Scottish songwriting scene and the live shows are a reflection of that. It is wonderful to be in a safe space connecting with others through song.


Lennon created the online version of the Show at the start of the lockdown in 2020 as a way of maintaining contact with her fans.


The Show's intention is to create an intimate and welcoming space for Lennon and her guests to connect with audiences as they take turns to perform acoustic versions of their songs, sharing stories behind them alongside gems of wisdom from their musical journeys.


With her warm and informal interview style (which includes an audience interactive Q&A), Lennon's overall ethos of nurturing and building the songwriting community has not only attracted an audience of music lovers and fellow artists alike, but has also lead to an impressive international lineup of talented song-writer guests wanting to take part and earned Lennon a nomination for the 2021 UK AMA 'Hero' award (Americana Music Association) for her work in the songwriting community. 

The Sessions now have their own Bandcamp Page and Youtube Channel where collaborative guest projects are released, the first of which was THE LIGHT in December 2021, a collaboration between Lennon, Yvonne Lyon and Adriana Spina. Not only was it the brand's first release, it was also the first time a song had ever been specifically written, recorded, released and performed live at a TEDx Official event and formed part of their TEDx Talk.

Receiving high critical acclaim the Show now has a hybrid model of live on-line and in-person shows offered to Festivals, Musical Theatre & Arts Venues with Cumbernauld Theatre Trust at their Lanternhouse venue being the first to add it to their musical programme.

The Guests

'She is a great interviewer - really enjoyable!'


'The homebird sessions stage is a welcoming and relaxed affair where listeners can gain a real insight into the meanings behind the songs. As a guest, I loved being part of such a warm and supportive community!”'

Nico Ev

Outstanding artists, from both sides of the Atlantic, and from a variety of genres, have joined Lennon on the show so far:

(GUEST / Showcase artist)


The Showcase Artists

'The spotlight shines on an intimate, more personal showcase solo slot for upcoming singer/songwriters  in the hope individual music careers can be helped in some way.'


The coveted SHOWCASE ARTIST is core to the show's ethos and values - an aspiring or ‘new to our ears’ songwriter joins Lennon and her guest mid show on stage to perform their original song, perhaps for the first time in front of a live audience, offering the opportunity to break down live performance barriers for songwriters of any age or background and helping grow and nurture our songwriting community.

The Community

The HOMEBIRD COMMUNITY continues to grow while maintaining that warm 'feel-good' factor, with members ranging from music lovers to fellow artists, presenters, hosts, sound and light engineers, photographers, videographers, authors, musicians, producers... 

The Show has it's own FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE where behind the scenes footage is shared and info on future guests.

On FREE FOR ALL FRIDAYS group members share what music they are listening to, projects they are working on, what they are releasing etc, allowing music lovers and artists to connect and share with each other to build on the community overall.

Radio & Podcast Features

'The Homebird Sessions Show in Cumbernauld was a glorius afternoon of music and conversation, as Elaine Lennon & friends took us on a fantastic rollercoaster of songs that touched the heart and the soul. A must see for any music Fans'

Stewart Griffin radio7stewart.

Listen to post-show interviews with Elaine and her guests that were aired on Radio Shows and Podcasts:


Collaborative Releases

The intention of the Show's single releases is to grow The Homebird Community through collaborative releases between artists who have guested on the shows, building global artistic relationships and bringing together worldwide audiences. With it's own BANDCAMP and YOUTUBE Channel recently launched, you can support future projects by downloading the tracks directly from there as well as adding them to your playlists on Digital platforms.

The Playlist

Lennon has curated a special Spotify Playlist to include music from all the artists involved in the show so far...

FOLLOW the Playlist to keep up to date as new music is added!