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WIN THIS FIGHT: A Rights Respecting Song about Climate change from Elaine Lennon's 'The Homebird Sessions' Songwriting Education programme delivered in St Mary's Primary School, Cumbernauld.


The song is an upbeat message from little voices about a big topic!

Product of the songwriting collaboration between Elaine and the talented pupils of St Mary's Primary, WIN THIS FIGHT looks at climate change through the eyes of pupils aged from 5 to 12 and is now available for purchase.

All proceeds going towards raising funds for the school and to support future songwriting projects!


With its catchy melodic hooks and empowering lyrics, WIN THIS FIGHT will get you thinking twice about dropping your litter, switching off those lights and turning that temperpature down!!!!


It is a must-have for anyone looking to support a good cause while enjoying some wonderful music. Get your hands on this special track today and be a part of something truly meaningful.


Thank you for supporting this project by purchasing this song!


SONG LYRICS can be found in the MUSIC section of this website.


Find out more about the project and milestones involved in it by visiting Elaine Lennon's Blog 'Updates' section and on Twitter @ElaineLennonMu1




Lyrics & Melody:  Elaine Lennon, The Children of St Mary's Primary School, Cumbernauld.

Vocals: The St Mary's Primary School Choir 2024, Elaine Lennon

Pianos, Synths: Elaine Lennon, Peter Findlay

Percussion: Jamie Lennon, Peter Findlay

Kyle Jones - Production, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering

Fionnbharr Marshall - Engineering, Electric Guitar

Dylan Elliot - Engineering, Bass Guitar

Nathan Grandowicz - Engineering 

Aaron Gibson - Engineering




©Little Sailor Records 2024

USRC: UKUL62000048

PRS Registration ID: EJNW-040624-6543-00



WIN THIS FIGHT - A Climate Change Song from St Mary's Primary

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