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Words and Music by Elaine Lennon / Eugene Tedeschi

"...not only very prophetic but is also an ambition that all songwriters live by. It has also been cleverly produced with its 1930's scratched record feel to it and with its Andrews Sisters' harmonies." - FATEA

“...carries that old and new mix on with Lennon in wartime crooner or Andrews Sisters mode over a scratchy 78 piano." - NORTHERN SKY

"Stunning - It’s a style which suits her voice" - COUNTRY MUSIC AND DANCE

"Entrancing" - BLABBER N' SMOKE

"..the interesting old-timey piano sound in the background makes you start to ponder that perhaps there is more to this song than first thought. That interesting piano is in fact authentic 1960s jazz piano recordings of her uncle, which go perfectly with Lennon’s brilliant vocals. Rather than being just a great song, once you know the back story, you can’t help but appreciate the artistic link between old and new." - UK AMERICANA


"In Songs we Live On' demonstrates Elaine's ability to write through timelines, in her distinctive style, seamlessly blending old and new." - FINDLAY NAPIER

'It’s very difficult to do what you did and make it sound effortless"  - NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL (placed No.2  in their Global Winter Top 40 2018/2019.)

'This project is one very close to my heart as I have blended my lyrics, melody and vocal with original c1960s piano tape recordings of my uncle Eugene Tedeschi, who sadly passed before I was born.

My uncle Eugene was leader and pianist in the Glasgow Jazz band  "TEDDY'S" and played in and around the city for many years.  While I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I've grown up listening to proud stories told by my mum of her musical big brother!

Years after his father Eugene had passed, his son Stephen discovered old reel tape recordings his dad had made and had them digitalised, then shared these with the family to enjoy.


Shortly after this my mum fell ill and I wanted to cheer her up so I wrote a song for her ...a nod in her direction to let her know that because she has always been a great mum to my sister and I, that I now know how to be a good mum to my own kids, with that same nurturing, unconditional love.

I wanted to make it extra special for her so I set out to create a vocal / piano "duet" with my uncle, writing melody and lyrics with my mum in mind then recording on top of my uncle's old-fashioned tape recordings, attempting to musically blend them both together.

I had never written or sung in this style before but it just felt like a song that had to be written...

The crackles you hear throughout the recording are from the original tapes - I first looked to try and have them further "cleaned up" as part of this project but in the end I felt that removing them was a bit like removing part of history, taking away from the story this song in the end they stayed! Those crackles help transport me back in time and as I listen I can imagine my uncle sitting right next to me playing his music...

I was so happy that my mum and Stephen loved the song, and I hope that when you listen to it you will too, but mostly I just hope that I have gone some way to do justice to my Uncle Eugene's amazing talent....

I will always be grateful to the NSAI for recognising this song and entering it in their esteemed Top 40 listing (Winter 2018), with the song placing 2nd on the final chart!  Thank you to all those who got in touch to say how much you loved the song and gave it your vote!'

In 2020 I'm on a mission to try and locate some other members of the original 1960s 'Teddy's' band in the hope that we could re-unite in some way the old group and perform once more 'together'. If you know anyone who may have performed with my uncle Eugene (perhaps it was a friend or relative) then please get in touch ( as I'd love to hear from you - even if they are no longer with us, I'd still love to chat, if you have any old photos especially that would be amazing!

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