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10. FEAR

Words and Music by Elaine Lennon

""Fear (Breakup Song)" does exactly what it says on the tin. It describes both the pain and the relief of a relationship breakup." - LONESOME HIGHWAY

“ “’Fear” is a break up song, but there is a sinister edge. Elaine’s voice is confident, defiant rather than just bruised as she turns on her own emotions. Fans of Agnes Obel’s voice and piano atmospheric slightly gothic music will connect with this track and its emotional intensity. " NORTHERN SKY

"My favourite track is ‘Fear (Breakup Song)’ which is delicately played and merges the images of relationship break up into a lyric about fighting and defeating Fear, as affirmative (for the Sci-Fi buffs) as Frank Herbert’s Litany Against Fear. It’s also a great tune, beautifully sung." - FOLKING.COM

"... somewhat feisty in its lyrics while remaining true to the tried and trusted arrangements which suit Lennon so well." BLABBER N' SMOKE


"A fresh take on an old theme" - BETTY MAYONNAISE

This is a very personal song for me. It's about me breaking up with my won fears regarding stepping into the unknown world of a music career. I know I have a humbling strength inside that has ben tested in so many ways over the years through many challenging life events, so I know the courage and strength were somewhere deep with, however, my struggle with self esteem and confidence in my own abiity to write and reform my songs meant that I had built up an unhealthy relationshi[ with fear. If I'm honest with myself I'm not entirely sure what I was more afraid of - fear or success. So...I wrote a song that would help me 'brea up' with the very thing 

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