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Words and Music by Elaine Lennon


Featured on the 'UN-herd' CD, volume 79 of RnR Magazine, January 2020.

"Despite only deciding to turn professional in 2018, Lennon has produced across-the-board plaudits for her self-titled album, from which the beguilingly beautiful 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' is taken." - RnR MAGAZINE

"Elaine's vocals and piano playing are a sheer delight. The stand out track, for me at least, is "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." This song personifies her songwriting skills beautifully." - FATEA magazine

" “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” is a sweet piano ballad with clear and captivating annunciation from Elaine." - NORTHERN SKY

"Stays with you for a long time" - MAVERICK

" ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ both rises to the glories of love which can “make you fly above the clouds” and also captures the ruefulness of “Only love can softly pull the seams apart/Only love can break your heart”. There’s a tenderness to the vocal which is simply delightful." - FOLKING.COM

"These are the type of songs in which Lennon excels - 'Only Love Can break Your Heart' could have been a power ballad full of melodrama but her restrained vocals and a minimal although lovely arrangement allows the song a quiet majesty." - BLABBER 'N SMOKE

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