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You will receive - 1 x Positive potato material soft centred figure holding the cutest motivational sign, approx 6cm x 8cm


The Positive Potato is a charming and meaningful gift inspired by the positive and inspirational ethos behind Elaine's 'Little Bird Little Sailor' branding.

Designed to inspire you to give wings to creativity and anchor growth & confidence, this little material potato with a soft centre serves as a daily reminder that having someone believe in you helps you believe in yourself and continue to grow!

Whether kept in a bag, on a desk, next to your bed, the Positive Potato is the perfect way to never forget to believ in yourself and go make your mark in the world!

Share this cutest of cute inspirational gift with a loved one to show them just how valued and special they truly are and to remind them that you believe in them!


The Positive Potato

Only 2 left in stock
  • 1 x woven fabric potato with soft centre. Not suitable for very young children due to the small eye parts.

    Size Approx 8cmx6cm

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