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Introducing Elaine Lennon's WRITE - RECORD - RELEASE project: A Song for Holy Cross Primary School!

Oh my goodness! I am literally so excited to have kicked off this one of a kind project today with all the lovely (and super talented) children and staff at Holy Cross Primary in North Lanarkshire!

ELaine Lennon's WRITE - RECORD - RELEASE Adventure: A Song for Holy Cross!
ELaine Lennon's WRITE - RECORD - RELEASE Adventure: A Song for Holy Cross!

So what is 'Elaine Lennon's WRITE - RECORD - RELEASE' all about?

This project is something very unique - an official one of a kind! I was inspired to create and develop this robust and innovative musical project after working with a smaller group of children from the school to create a song 'Christmas Time' which was a great success and reached number 5 in the UK official iTines Singer Songwriter chart!

Today I had the best fun introducing the project to the 350+ pupils at their Assembly - if their reaction to it is anything to go by this is going to be an absolute blast and a great adventure for all!

For those who don't already know the background of my 'Little Bird Little Sailor' brand and logo, the Little Bird symbolises creativity and dreaming big, while the Little Sailor embodies problem-solving and resilience. You can read all about the Story behind the logo in the Welcome section of my blog.


I will be visiting the school over the next 6 weeks to work with the children on developing the lyrics and melody of our song which will be inspired by the School's existing Rights Respecting Gold Accreditation!

Head over to the Top Tips for Aspiring Songwriters section of the blog as I will uploading posts on tips for the kids to learn and develop their songwriting craft!


After we have tied down the lyrics and melody I will work with the school choir to record the solo lyrics and then with the entire school to record other parts. I will then work at my home studio to write record and produce the backing track for our song, doing all the mixing and mastering so it's ready for radio play!


There will be an art competition where the children can design their own artwork for the release. I will work with Head Teacher Mrs Murphy and her wonderful team to select the final artwork that I will then use to create the final digital artwork for the release!

I will be working with the children to create a media release pack and social media plan - there will be lots of pupil interviews and other exciting things for them to get involved with! I'm not sure who will get to the do the 'Interview with Mrs Murphy' - I think the competition for that one will be steep!

How is the project going to run?

Here's a document I created to help parents and guardians understand more about what's involved in the project so you can chat to your kids about and get them excited about their part in making it a success!

ELaine Lennon's WRITE - RECORD - RELEASE Adventure: A Song for Holy Cross - The Big Plan!
ELaine Lennon's WRITE - RECORD - RELEASE Adventure: A Song for Holy Cross - The Big Plan!

How can you help?

Ask your kids over the dinner table all about the project - read through the top tips with them and get them to try out the exercises too if they like! Get involved in any way you can - practice interview skills with them at home, help them work on their dance / vocal performances, talk to them about the songs you like and why and help them come up with ideas that show what it really feels like to be a part of a Rights Respecting school!

Spread the Word! As part of the launch plan we need as much awareness and social media engagement we can get for this - share wide and far!

This will all help us not only spread the word from the outset of how amazing our kids are, but hopefully get more people to head over to my website to BUY the song so we can raise much-needed funds for the school! We want our kids to be proud of their part in the project and know they are helping the school as part of it too!

Are you a local small to medium-sized business out there who would like to SPONSOR the project in any way and have your business added to the credits? An interview in this blog to let all 350+ parents know what an amazing company you are helping out the school and letting them know all about your business product or service? ;) Contact me at if you are interested in doing this!

I am SO excited to be starting this 'Elaine Lennon's WRITE - RECORD - RELEASE' project with the lovely children and staff at Holy Cross! Thanks for being a part of the project too! Lets raise Rights Respecting awareness and LOTS of much-needed funds for the school the same time!!

What to do now?

  • Talk to your kids about the project to engage them - get listening to your favourite up-beat songs and get dancing around the living room to help them feel inspired!

  • Follow Holy Cross Primary on X (Twitter) if you do not already follow them

  • Follow me on socials to keep up to date on posts we are putting up! Social links on the Blog Home Page

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