"The Homebird Sessions are just beautiful. Elaine has such an infectious personality - the positivity is just glowing from her! And she is a great interviewer - really enjoyable! Do check out Elaine’s lives on Facebook - she’s just lovely! I really could listen to that Glaswegian accent all day - so positive, so upbeat!" - EVE BLAIR - BBC Radio ULSTER

'THE HOMEBIRD SESSIONS' is a Facebook Live Series started by Elaine during Lockdown to provide a place for music lovers to come each Wednesday for a 'musical hug' - somewhere they could check in regularly, feel part of an on-line community, hear some songs and listen to the stories behind them.

Now in it's second series, the 'Homebird' Community has grown while managing to maintain that welcoming 'feel-good' factor and now includes the opportunity to get involved with live interactive Q&As.

While Series 1 was all about the stories behind Elaine's own original songs, Series 2 expands on that to delve into the stories behind some of her fellow Songwriter buddies and has a mix of music from both artists for you to enjoy!


With her warm, infectious personality shining through Elaine chats with some superb Singer Songwriters in this current series.

You can catch up on any episodes you may have missed by clicking on the links below.

If you'd like to join Elaine after the Sessions each Wednesday for a LIVE Q&A over on THE HOMEBIRD SESSIONS Facebook GROUP page please head over there now and request to become a member of the group (You will have to be a member to watch and participate so why not head over and join just now and get your questions ready for Elaine and her guests!)

The transcripts from this Series have become a regular feature in the on-line Songwriters and Composers Magazine Scotland online magazine.

SERIES 4 will start soon - PLEASE FOLLOW @ElaineLennonMuic on Socials for more info!


Series 3 Spotify Playlist

With music from the artists featured in Series 3


With US International Touring Artis, Folk / Country / Americana Singer Songwriter Jesse Terry

Songs performed:

'The People You Knew' - Elaine Lennon (Jamie Floyd Cover)
'Stargazer' - Jesse Terry

'Nothing Cries Like a River' - Elaine Lennon/ Boo Hewerdine (Work Tape Demo)



The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-26.png

With UK Country / Americana Singer Songwriter Simon James

Songs performed:

'A Life That's Good' - Elaine Lennon (Nashville Cast Cover)
'Simply Complicated' - Simon James

'Alone Here With Me' - Elaine Lennon



The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-23.png

With Scottish Singer Songwriter James Edwyn

Songs performed:

'I Don't Wanna Talk About it' - Elaine Lennon (Rod Stewart / Everything But The Girl Cover)
'Jeremiah' - James Edwyn

'This' - Elaine Lennon




New EP out now on Bandcamp

The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-20.png

With Scottish Singer Songwriter Yvonne Lyon.

Songs performed:

'I'm Here' - Elaine Lennon (Kezia Gill Cover)
'Intwined' - Yvonne Lyon

'True Colors' - Elaine Lennon (Cyndi Lauper Cover)




Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @YvonneLyonMusic


The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-19.png



Series 2 Spotify Playlist


With music from the artists featured in this series


With Colorado Americana Singer Songwriter David Starr.

Songs performed:

She's Got You - Elaine Lennon
Edge of the World - David Starr

Fear (Breakup Song) - Elaine Lennon 



Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @DavidStarrMusic


The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-9.png

With Singer Songwriter, Musician, Producer and Educator.

Songs performed:

Next Friday Night - Elaine Lennon
Snowflakes in the Sun - Boo Hewerdine
Little Bird Little Sailor - Elaine Lennon 




Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BooHewerdine


The Homebird Sessions S2, Ep.5 Boo Hewer

With Scottish alt. blues Singer Songwriter and Musician Dave Arcari.

Songs performed:

THIS - Elaine Lennon
Cherry Wine - Dave Arcari
In Songs We Live On - Elaine Lennon

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @DaveArcari

The Homebird Sessions S2, Ep.4 Dave Arca

With Scottish Singer Songwriter Adriana Spina.

Songs performed:

Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Elaine Lennon
Breathe - Adriana Spina (Song debut)
Walk Tall - Elaine Lennon (Song debut)

Tip Jars:



The Homebird Sessions S2 Ep3 Adriana Spi

With Kirkcaldy Singer Songwriter David Latto.

Songs performed:

'You and Me' - Elaine Lennon Original

'Homebird' - David Latto Original

'Knocking' on Heaven's Door' - Elaine Lennon interpretation of Bob Dylan's song.

Tip Jars:



The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-5.png

With BBC Radio Scotland Songwriter of the Year 2019, Mike McKenzie.

Songs performed:

'Trouble' - Elaine Lennon Original

'Loved By You' - Mike McKenzie Original

'By Your Side' - Elaine Lennon Original.

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The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-2.png

Series 1 Spotify Playlist.


Featuring original music from Elaine's debut album, Produced by Findlay Napier, plus the original versions of the songs that Elaine performed interpretations of in this Series.


Songs performed:

'THIS' (Cochran),


'Landslide' (Fleetwood Mac),


'Alone Here With Me' (Lennon)

Tip Jar: Elaine

The Homebird Sessions S1, Ep.5-7.png

Songs performed:

'She's Got You' (Cochran),


'The Blade' (Ashley Monroe),


'Little Bird Little Sailor' (Lennon)

Tip Jar: Elaine


Songs performed:

'Trouble' (Lennon),


'If I Should Fall Behind' (Bruce Springsteen),


'In Songs We Live On' (Lennon / Tedeschi)

Tip Jar: Elaine


Songs performed:

'Fear (Breakup Song)' (Lennon),


'Kindness' (Ben Glover),


'By Your Side' (Lennon)

Tip Jar: Elaine


Songs performed:

'Next Friday Night' (Lennon),


'A Mother Never Rests' (Lori McKenna),


'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (Lennon)

Tip Jar: Elaine



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