Episode 1: 8th April 2020

Songs Performed: 'Next Friday Night' (Lennon), 'A Mother Never Rests' (Lori McKenna), 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (Lennon)

Spotify Playlist - 'Episode 1: Next Friday Night'

Episode 2: 14th April 2020

Songs Performed: 'Fear (Breakup Song)' (Lennon), 'Kindness' (Ben Glover), 'By Your Side' (Lennon)

Spotify Playlist - 'Episode 2: Fear (Breakup song)

Episode 3: 22nd April 2020

Songs Performed: 'Trouble' (Lennon), 'If I Should Fall Behind' (Bruce Springsteen), 'In Songs We Live On' (Lennon/Tedeschi)

Spotify Playlist - 'Episode 3: TROUBLE

Episode 4: 29th April 2020

Songs Performed: 'She's Got You' (Cochran), 'The Blade' (Ashley Monroe Cover), 'Little Bird Little Sailor' (Lennon)

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Series 2, Episode 1, with MIKE McKenzie

Songs Performed: 'Trouble' (Lennon), 'Loved By You' (Mike McKenzie), 'By Your Side' (Lennon)

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