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Mar 2020


Hello! How's everyone?


Well finally we are seeing the end of the recent mental winds and rain and Spring is starting to creep up on us...

The one good thing about the lousy weather has been that it has made us all snuggle up indoors and perhaps listen to some good music…;)

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Thanks to all those who pre-ordered / streamed / downloaded / liked / shared / bought the album...:)

Keep it up and tell all your friends and family about the songs as it all helps get the music out there!




The Celtic Connections launch, was a magical evening! I am so grateful to all the good folks who chose to spend their evening with us!  James Edwyn performed a magnificent opening set before joining my ‘bearded’ band on bass alongside Producer Findlay Napier on guitar and Iain Sloan on Pedal Steel. Photo Credit Graham Hill.“Lennon has certainly cracked the nut of how to write a classic song. An excellent and intimate evening!” AMERICANA UK

Review Quotes for newsletter Feb


You can check out some of the truly outstanding reviews of the album via the link below. I cannot express clearly enough how grateful I am for the wonderful words of fellow writers and critics alike who have ben doing this for way longer than I have and have such a respected views…for them to say what they have about the album is truly humbling!

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Head over to my YouTube Channel and Click SUBSCRIBE if you want to receive updates when I add new videos. I'm currently working on the live videos from the launch and hope to get them up there soon!

Mar 5th _ The Admiral _ Glasgow Mar 8th


Last few tickets remaining for the March 8th gig in Dumfries! Next stop for David Latto and I is Kirkcaldy on the 12th.

Check out the Spotify Playlist for the events on my Spotify Profile Page.

I'll be playing at the highly respected Edinburgh Folk Club on the 22nd of April and will be joining a fine lineup at the 'Celtic Music Radio Rooftop Sessions' on the 25th of April. Tickets links on my website :) I'd love to hear from you about where you'd like me to perform so please get in touch soon so I can add this to my tour planning!

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After selling out of all the merch at super fast speed, I am happy to say I have replenished stock on my BANDCAMP MERCH Page - head over to check out the 'Little bird' and 'Little Sailor' CHARMS  and the special edition PIANO USB with the album + bonus goodies! These will also be available to buy at live gigs.

INSTA SONG BY SONG Posts for launch imag


Have you listened to my TEDx Talk yet?

If not, head over to the either or Youtube as there are two links up there for it...

Please leave some lovely comments if you'd like :)

Thanks and I hope it can perhaps inspire you to follow your dreams too!

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The full lyrics to all the songs from the album are now up here on my website!

Read the stories 'Behind the Songs' on my site too. I'll be updating and adding to these all the time so check in regularly :)

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The feature interview I gave 'Songwriters and Composers Scotland Magazine' recently is now up online! Check it out :)

Over on Instagram and facebook I've been posting clips of my rehearsals with David Latto so if you are on socials head over for a look / listen!

If you missed previous newsletters or 'VIP loyalty song downloads' click here to catch up!

FB: ElaineLennonMusic

 Instagram: @ElaineLennonMusic

Twitter: @ElaineLennonMu1

Thanks again to all those who have been FOLLOWING / LIKING / SHARING the posts on Socials so far - it's invaluable to me as an independent artist to be able to reach and connect with as many people as I can with the songs and you are helping me achieve that! xx


Thanks for reading and for all your support  - until next time!

(Remember if you are coming to any events please come say hi!)



Elaine xx

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