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Follow the link below to watch Elaine's 2019 TEDx Talk LITTLE BIRD LITTLE SAILOR, where she used the lyrics of her song of the same title to shape the recounting of her journey into music in the hope that it will inspire others to work hard to follow their dreams and make them a reality. Read More about the background of the Talk here.

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Elaine was invited back to the TEDx stage in 2021, this time performing a TEDx Special of The Homebird Sessions with her guests Yvonne Lyon & Adriana Spina, outlining her thoughts worth sharing on navigating a post covid music industry as an independent artist.

The occasion was marked by the first collaborative release under Lennon's Little Sailor Records label.

The three female musicians co-wrote, co-produced, recorded and released THE LIGHT, inspired by the TEDx Theme 'What Now', their own friendship and how they helped keep their musical flames alight when they were dulling against heartache of the pandemic and loss of loved ones.

THE LIGHT, the first song to be released under Lennon's The Homebird Sessions Brand is also the first  song ever written specifically for, and performed live at, a TEDx event. The Track was Acoustic Track of the Week on BBC RADIO's esteemed Chris Baxter's Late Show.

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Behind TEDx...

As a female entrepreneur, musician and experienced educator, it is one of Elaine's passions to help motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams, both personal and business.


Sharing experience and lessons learned from her own journey from physical incapacity to award-winning singer-songwriter has inspired others to explore how they too can achieve their potential!​

Lennon uses her music as a channel for bringing out the best in her audience, putting into action her own personal mantra and the lyrics of her song which speed her TEDx Talk ...



Lennon has shared her positive mental health and motivational message through features on, Mummy Jojo Uncut (Wellbeing Podcast), Cumbernauld Unlocked (Documentary), Femme Scotland: The Kitchen Table, Songwriting Magic with Jim Byrne, Guest Speaker & Panelist at "Empowering Women in Songwriting' & Panelist at New College Lanarkshire...and many more.

With the sole purpose of motivating others to follow their dreams and find ways to achieve them, no matter what challenges stand in their ways, Elaine shared with refreshing honesty, her story of paying attention to the guidance of that 'little voice inside', overcoming not only life changing injuries sustained in a car crash but also overcoming her own personal fears of not being 'good enough'. ​

She shares how she finally took action and worked hard to achieve her dreams, finding ways to live with the chronic pain, HMS and fibromyalgia resulting from injuries she sustained dint he crash, and how she manages to navigate through life now in the world of music. Through sharing her story in an honest, positive and motivational way she hopes to truly inspire others with her words and her songs.​ "'s my way of 'passing it forward'" says Elaine.​


Founder of Firewalker Films and Producer of TEDx Cumbernauld Women.


Other features...

'If Elaine Lennon can't inspire you to work on your songwriting, no-one can. I interviewed Elaine for the Songwriting Magic course. In this excerpt Elaine talks about writing the song, Fear (Breakup Song). She reveals both the message of the song and her writing process: dispensing tips, techniques and insights - in a way few can express so clearly. 

Elaine's songwriting process isn't hindered by her busy family life, on the contrary it is crucial to adding that extra magic - that all great songs need. 

Elaine Lennon is a breath of fresh air for songwriters: I'm confident that you will learn something valuable from this video.'​


Founder & Director of SONGWRITING MAGIC AND CRAFT Online Songwriting Academy.


Inspiring the next generation...

'As part of Scottish Education’s ‘STEM’ week I was invited into my son’s school class to sing songs & talk about songwriting. The kids (aged 5-8 years) were so enthusiastic! We made a ‘band’ with drummers and backing singers...they even named it ‘The Dragonflies’ (cool name!). Together we wrote and performed a song about their class topic KATY MORAG - they were all so engaged and involved!​

One little girl in was so inspired by the songwriting that she took it upon herself to go home that night and write her very first song about birds! WOW! I was so impressed by this 8-year-old’s effort that I asked her mum if could share her lyrics with you! Well done Stella! Isn’t it amazing how giving up a little of your time to nurture the minds of kids can have such a ripple effect?​ I have so much admiration for all those teachers who have chosen to inspire little minds every day.'


Session with Primary 4 children at a North Lanarkshire School.

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